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Tasks Done Differently

For years, organizations have struggled to deliver critical side projects and tasks using traditional means and limited resources. Many times it’s a mile-long list of backlogged items that face constant deprioritization or a body of work that fails to reach the right resources.

HoverCrowd helps organizations get more work done. That’s the sole focus.

HoverCrowd’s platform enables innovative work through its unique approach. We believe in the power of crowdsourcing as a means of getting stuff done. Crowdsourcing connects people’s needs with people’s solutions thereby generating multiple, innovative and outside-the-box answers to your problems. But the public crowd isn’t for everyone. The HoverCrowd platform enables you to unleash the power of your private, internal crowd.

Rethink [work]

At its most elemental level, work consists of a list of tasks. Instead of spending time pairing persons with tasks, HoverCrowd allows you to socialize tasks with your internal employees, trusted vendors, agencies of record and other partners. Your internal, private crowd of experts then chooses which tasks interest them and/or fit their skill sets best. Both you and the work ultimately benefit from the wisdom of your crowd.

Reengage [team]

Let’s face it: Work can be dull. Giving your crowd members the opportunity to choose portions of their work is a great way to re-engage your workforce. HoverCrowd allows you to break down walls between working teams and projects by socializing tasks to the collective team. This innovative approach brings in unconventional thinking and surfaces talent you might not have known existed in your organization.

Reward [talent]

As if handpicking interesting work wasn’t reward enough, HoverCrowd enables you to pair incentives with tasks . This increases participation and, because the best task submissions win, it also promotes healthy internal competition. HoverCrowd’s platform encourages participation by rewarding members with points when they comment, vote and/or submit responses. Points translate to whatever you want whether that be days off, volunteer hours, cash or company swag. With HoverCrowd, everyone wins: Work gets done. The best solutions rise to the top. Collaboration gets rewarded. Your crowd has fun.

Repeat [smartly]

Every organization carries a unique pulse. With the help of HoverCrowd’s reporting produced by our analytics engine, the answer to “What makes your crowd tick?” gets answered. By tracking participation, collaboration and metrics you receive the quality information you need to start your next task confidently and strategically.

Platform Tour

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Ready to Launch. Easy to Support.

HoverCrowd’s team is a big fan of crowdsourcing because of its specialized ability to tackle business problems. We are also proponents of public cloud computing and the power that service-on-demand brings to our customers and to the platform. With no servers to provision, no licenses to assign to users and no overage fees, we’ve designed the platform and our services to be simple to use and understand. Getting stuff done should be fun, not complicated.

Always Something New.

All the magic happens on the dashboard. Members see tasks they are following or have participated in and can browse tasks in a list view or card wall style. They also have easy access to their profile and can quickly see all points earned. The dynamic nature of the community makes for a new and engaging experience every time you visit.

All About the Tasks.

HoverCrowd is all about getting stuff done. The “stuff”, in its simplest form, is a task. The task detail page is where members learn more about what work is available. Collaboration and feedback features allow the task owner to guide participating members. Related tasks are also featured, allowing members to find similar work.

Work from Anywhere on Any "Thing".

Inspiration can strike at any moment, regardless of where you are . HoverCrowd has you covered! Our platform has been intentionally designed to work on any device. We use responsive design to give you access to your community anywhere, anytime.

Creating Tasks

Creating tasks for your crowd should be simple. We always start with three basic questions:

  1. What do you call it?
  2. What do you want?
  3. How do you describe it?

You decide your task’s audience (who can see it) and also the incentives to be offered.


Anne M.

Innovation Officer

"Siloed Workforce"

Anne’s change averse organization was hungry for innovation. She needed a way to increase cross-group collaboration and allow shared insight into tasks on which her siloed teams were working on.

The HoverCrowd platform allowed Anne’s teams to easily communicate their outstanding tasks to a broader, cross-functional audience. This improved collaboration between teams and introduced creative, cross-border solutions that weren’t previously thought of. Additionally the resolution time of outstanding tasks was greatly improved.


Mike D.

IT Director

"Monster Backlog"

Mike’s technical teams were so focused on keeping their apps and systems running that they lost sight of the enhancements backlog. They needed a way to move from a “reactive” to a “proactive” team.

HoverCrowd was engaged and backlog tasks were entered on day one. Mike was able to incentivize the tasks and, for the first time, was able to socialize incomplete tasks to resources outside of his group. Within the first two weeks resources from inside and outside of Mike’s group began submitting solutions to tasks. Over time the group was able to reduce the backlog and help with the issue of resource burnout on Mike’s team.